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            Welcome to Bob's Gigs page!  You can find information here about Bob Cage's upcoming and previous gigs and shows.   Apologies to his fans who waited too long for an update to this page.   We will try to list all his Band and Solo performances as well as his other public appearances before they happen.  See if Bob Cage will be playing near you!   Now that you know something about him, and have heard some of his music, we hope to see you at his upcoming gigs.  

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Bob hosts open mike nights at 7pm every Wednesday night
at Keegans Ale House, Saint James Street, Kingston.

Bob can be seen with The Bob Cage Band and
The Acoustic Medicine Show at various
venues in the Hudson Valley area.

He also plays many solo gigs locally
and regionally, and occasonally appears
with other players including both local greats
and well-known performers.

Keep checking in for details.

Bob and his band played at the Woodstock Guitar Festival -
August 12, 2005   8:30PM   Joyous Lake, Woodstock

Bob Cage performed with NiteFlite
in Danbury, CT September 11th, 2004
and warmed up for Badfinger as
the winners of a contest
on I-95 Rock radio.

Bob performed solo jazz guitar at the
Evergreen Chorus Sweet Adelines Show,
New York City - Music and its Magic
Sunday October 20th, 2003 at
Roosevelt High School in Hyde Park, NY.
He and the other performers received a standing ovation from the enthusiastic attendees.

Bob Cage appeared on Bob Miles, MILES OF MUSIC television program.  This program was taped on January 25th, 2003, and it turned out great!   Everybody had a lot of fun, and people were very impressed with Bob's skill on the guitar.   Go to or check back here for rerun dates and times.

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