Bob Cage's
Including Blues/Rock selections
as well as Standards
from his Flat-Top CD.

       This is where you can hear Bob's Music, including some blues/rock cuts by clicking on the links to downloadable clips below.   We'll be adding more selections as they become available, so keep checking back.

        Bob Cage and NiteFlite performed at Joyous Lake for the Woodstock Guitar Festival on August 12, 2005.   Burr Johnson appeared later that evening.

        As lead guitarist/singer for a Blues and Rock band, Bob and his band won a spot warming up for Badfinger (Sept. 11, 2004), in I-95 Radio's contest.   We hope you like these samples.  

        For our first selection, we have Hoochie Cootchie Man.   We offer you a 1 minute clip and an MP3s of the whole song at near-CD quality.

        Next on our set-list, we have Rock Me Baby.   We again have a 1 minute clip, and an MP3s of the whole song at near-CD quality.

        For our next selection, we have the lead-off cut from Bob's Flat-Top Album, St. Louis Blues.   We make it available in a variety of file types and quality levels, to allow Bob's public access to his music.

a brief sample in AIFF format,
which anyone should be able to read.

And the entire song...
in OGG-Vorbis format,
at near-CD quality.

in Real Player format,
at moderate quality, and...

in Real Player format,
at higher quality.

And, we have a new MP3 of
a Django Reinhardt tune
Swing 39

Thanks for stopping by!

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