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The Stathopoulo Family

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        Above you see a picture of Bob's great-grandparents, Anastasios Stathopoulo and his wife Marianthe, surrounded by their children including Epi, the eldest.  Anastasios had come to America hoping to establish a company to make fine musical instruments, and he did just that.  He brought the finest Old-World craftsmen to the New-World, and gave them an opportunity to make a new generation of instruments.  Master Instrument-Maker Anastasios Stathopoulo later re-named his company after his beloved son, and so began the story of Epiphone.

        During the period of innovation that followed, the Epiphone factory facilities became the birthplace of many instruments which have become a mainstay of collectors, and the favorite visiting place for several legendary musicians.  The Epiphone people invited the input of musicians, you see, and they built instruments incorporating the suggestions of these individuals.  Some of the finest players of the time did play Epis, and many refinements and improvements happened as a result.  Les Paul created a unique guitar out of "the log" which was originally an Epiphone.

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